What's your favorite breed?

By chicken04 · May 14, 2015 · Updated May 14, 2015 · ·
  1. chicken04
    What's your favorite breed,on this thread say what your favorite breed is.My favorite breed is the Australorp,her name is Sassy.



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  1. mightymax
    I don't think I have a particular breed that stands out as being my 'favorite' breed. Instead, I have 'favorite' chickens based on their individual characteristics, personalities and attitudes. Right now my number one fav is an EE that I rescued from a local pet store. They weren't selling her, someone had just left her in a box on their doorstep overnight. Well, if they were hoping that she'd get a better home than what they had to offer...well, they were right, she did !!! She's now my little chick-n-pup. She follows me around all day like a puppy would and waits for me while I go about feeding all the animals on our little farm. She's very special to me and if my wife would let me, I'd let her be a house chicken.
  2. jtn42248
    My favorites are the ones that I have (Rocks, Wyandottes and Andalusians) my second favorite are the ones that I am going to get (have no idea what yet).

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