When do i stop flipping the egg, and why?

  1. AshStarTheChickMom
    So on the instructions on for the incubator, it said stop flipping the egg on the last 3 days, why do i have to stop flipping the egg? can i take the chick out of the incubator while its hatching? and after it hatches in the incubator when do i take it out after hatching to put it in the brooder?

    That was the three most important questions i wanted to ask, i have 1 rooster and 1 hen, im hatching the egg to try and get another hen (if i get a rooster then oh well, ill still love him) the egg was put in there on the 29th of october and it has been 17 days (its 2:27 am while im writing this, 4 hours ago it would of been 16) Thanks for reading! hope someone can answer my questions!

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  1. Poultrybonkers
    You can flip the egg but they say not to due to 3 days before hatching it needs to rotate inside the egg to hatch properly as for taking it out while hatching no as it needs the humidity to hatch taking it out will shrink wrap it you can take it out aftr it hatches though
  2. Yorkshire Coop
  3. AshStarTheChickMom
    omg i put this in articles... i thought i was making a post :barnie

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