When to let out in run and when to start feeding lettuce

  1. Calabogie chicken lady
    my hens Are just starting to lay, about 15 weeks old. 12 chickens and i get about 3 eggs a day BUT very cold here -20 C at nights still, but goes up to -5 C in the day can i let them out into their run yet, so i can clean the coop. I usually like to keep them in the coop for a couple of weeks before i let them out just so they know where their safe zone is and will go back in at night. Last year i had to pick them up and throw them in the coop at night, i am not going to do that this time as i have doubled my flock and these birds are too big.
    Also..can i give them lettuce and scraps yet as a treat
    Also should i give them oyster shells now

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  1. StephanieRose44
    They should be fine in those temps, definitely for the amount of time you need to clean your coop if it’s -5C/23F I’ve had my birds outside at that age probably that cold too. They would probably much rather be outside in the cold than literally cooped up inside (even though it may be nice and warm and comfy in there.) I’d bet they would enjoy the time outside.

    What breeds do you have? I guess I should’ve asked that first, and how big is their coop? If they are already laying yes give them oyster shells on the side they usually eat it when they know they need it (the calcium) * but I’m sure as I’m writing this someone already told you to post this question in the forum section not the article section
    1. Calabogie chicken lady
      I am new at this, i thought i put it in the forum section. I have columbia rock,barred rock,black and red sex link. The coop is 5 feet x 5, laying boxes on outside of box, coop is 6 feet high with 3 different level roosts. I will let out to run today if we get above 0. I just am not able to have to lift them up and put in coop later . I hope they will come in on their own. Can i give them lettuce now
    2. StephanieRose44
      Yeah you can try giving them lettuce and other scraps. Mine don’t particularly like lettuce but see if they like it. The way I got my chickens to come into there new coop (I’m new to this too this is my first time raising chickens) unless your chickens are fenced in you’ll probably be chasing them to get in the coop if it’s still daylight but at night they can’t see so they usually go to where the light is. That’s the hard part they usually want to stay outside until the sun goes down they just know they need to find a safe place. Put a light in the coop any kind of light a flashlight shine the light to where you want them to go show them the coop has light and it’s dark outside they should just hop right in
    3. StephanieRose44
      It doesn’t have to be a light bulb either any type of light string lights or re-chargeable hanging lights ect. Just to light the inside of coop

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