I have found that so many people would LOVE to rescue battery hens, but they just don't know where to get them from! So, if you are interested in rescuing battery hens this is the place for you! There are many farms, but if you live near SLO California then contact me, for I am the owner of a battery hen rescue! You may add battery hen farms, battery hen rescues or animal rescues that save battery hens to the list. Thanks for your interest in rescuing these poor hens. This will be a good thing for them and people who want to rescue these poor chickens. Every 11 minutes an animal is abused but you can stop it right now by just saving a few battery hens, make the difference
. Chickens are worthy of a savior, so, let's be their savior! Let's be the one to pet them and say "You won't suffer" And be the one to hold them and tell them you love them, and be the one to give them hope!<3

Places in The United State:
Cal Poly Poultry UnitSan Luis Obispo CA
Happy Hen Chicken RescueSan Luis Obispo CA
Farm SanctuaryWatkens Glen NY
Farm SanctuaryOrland CA
Farm SanctuaryLos Angeles CA
Northrop Egg FarmWestern PA
A Critter's ChanceIndianapolis, IN
Lighthouse Farm Sanctuaryn/a, OR
Green Acres Farm Sanctuaryn/a, OR
Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuaryn/a, OR
Animal Place Grass Valley CA
Animal PlaceVacaville CA
Thomas Poultry FarmNY

Places In Other Countries

NSW Hen RescueNSW Australia
Little Hen RescueUK
Homes4Hens RescueUK
Lucky Hens RescueUK
British Hen Welfare TrustUK
Nottingham Hen RescueUK
Wing and Prayer Hen RescueUK

I only gave the US it's own table because most people on BYC live in the US. If you would like to be able to edit this page, ask me in the comments or PM me, thanks again for your interest in rescuing battery hens.

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Pictures of Rescued Battery Hens - Hens From Other Factory Farm Conditions Too: