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Where's our morning snack?

By Adanault · Dec 30, 2013 · ·
  1. Adanault
    These Light Brahma girls came to us as a threesome. We had no idea about their personality, but as the week has gone by we have found out much about them just by their actions. And it appears they have been accustomed to begging for food at the back door. Very creepy to look up to see them staring you down through the back door. [​IMG]



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  1. scriptkiddieJR
    ha! it looks like they are threatening each other through the glass.
    chicken: wheres the food?
    cat: you're gonna have to fight me for it.
    chicken: ok
    *tries to peck the cat but stops half way*
    chicken: there is some sort of force field blocking me
    *chicken frowns*
  2. One Chick Two
    So funny! Our cat was always watching our chickens as well. Chickens seemed to like the cat too. lol
  3. crazyfeathers
    Haha I love the cat, our cats sleep with the chickens.

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