Wish I Could Ask Grandma...

The urban farming thing is pretty cool, isn't it? The neighborhood I'm in is sort of urban/wild interface, to a certain extent - there's open space right up the street from us. Right down the hill is the exact opposite: the thronging masses of the San Francisco Bay Area. The notion that a percentage of those thronging masses are taking even a little food production into their own hands is just the greatest idea. It's certainly not a new one - my grandma had a huge garden next to her house, fruit trees, chickens, and every year she'd raise a goose for Christmas. That was in small-town Kansas during the first half of the last century and times were much different, but I like to think she'd completely understand the idea of raising food for the family in any back yard. I sure wish I had her around to ask some questions as I'm taking a few tentative steps into Chicken World.

My husband put the finishing touches on the coop today, and we moved in the first four ladies! We have a Delaware, Australorp, Easter Egger, and a Rhode Island Red in residence now, and two Plymouth Rock chicks that will move in too when they're old enough. So exciting - and I'll be up the hill to the coop often to go see how they're doing.