White Faced Black Spanish From Chick To Adulthood

By anderson8505 · Mar 16, 2012 · Updated May 8, 2012 ·
  1. anderson8505
    I first got chickens on 3-27-11, my birthday. After discovering the awesome BYC and educating myself on chickens and chicken breeds, I discovered White Faced Black Spanish (WFBS).

    WFBS are a rare breed from Spain, a Mediterranean class. They come in large fowl and bantam. The APA admitted this breed in 1874, nine years after the American Civil War. (Did I mention I teach US History... lol).

    I finally acquired some WFBS chicks in February, 2012 from two sources: Lund Poultry in WI sold me 7, which arrived on February 23. Sandy at Spring Hill Heritage Poultry Conservatory here in Florida sold me 4 more.

    Feb 23rd, less than a week old. These are all from Lund.
    March 11th, approx 2-3 weeks old.

    I lost one of the strangely feathered ones and the other is weak, but hanging in there. Most of the others are already flying at 6 weeks!!! They look like crows with combs at this age. I've tagged two that I think are cockerels so far with yellow zip ties.

    These photos are from 3/31/12, they have a lot more white feathers throughout than I thought they would.
    This one looks like it's saying "Whatchu lookin' at, punk?"


    May 4th @ a little over 2 months old
    The two suspected cockerels were, indeed. These reddened up and combed up much earlier than the rest. Healthy boys!

    Next to a 4 month old standard sized NN, these are big chicks!

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