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By Whittni · Mar 4, 2012 ·
  1. Whittni
    Below are what I want, what I have, what I owe and what is owed to me.

    What I Want:
    • Chicken Leg bands/Bandettes ~ ALL sizes/kinds
    • Harnesses ~ Small
    • Chicken Diapers
    • Chicken Saddles
    • Cage Cups ~ for exhibition for chickens, rabbits etc.
    • Cage Waterers ~ for nonbearded, bearded chickens or for rabbits.
    • Coop Cleaning Supplies
    • Grit ~ for chickens
    • Chicken Treat Ball
    • 20 ml feeding syringe
    • Bird Powder
    • DE ~ Food Grade
    • Save a chick, Growers Gel or Chick Gel
    • Chicken Books, Magazines
    • Parasite Protector Sprays
    • Solar Night Eyes, Nite Guard ~ Those red 'eyes' that further protect chickens
    • Egg Candler
    • Seeds ~ Flowers, vegetables etc.
    • Chicken Fun Toy ~ You put feed in and the chickens peck it.
    • Chicken Signs ~ Caution: Chickens Crossing, Farm Fresh Eggs etc.
    • Chicken Decals ~ Have you hugged your chicken today?
    • Magnets ~ Can always use them
    • Scrap Booking Supplies
    • Hatching Eggs ~ Any and All, pures preferred but let me know what's over what.
    • Feed Bag Totes
    • Office Supplies ~ White out, sticky notes etc.

    And There's plenty more, but my list is already so huge. The BOLDED things are what I want most.
    What I've Got to Swap:

    • Hatching Eggs:
    Bantams: Pen 1: Sebright Pures or crosses (Silver Sebright over Japanese Bantam, Serama and Golden Sebright)
    Pen 2: Booted Bantams, assorted Laces, spangles and speckles, some with single comb, some rosecomb(dominant gene), all unique.

    Standards: Pen 1: Sexlinks: Rhode Island Red over White Leghorns...White Leghorn over Rhode Island Red or Pures of Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorn. Also Rhode Island Red and White Leghorn over Black Sexlink, Barred Rock and Buff Orpington.
    Pen 2: Phoenix Purebreds, Phoenix Crosses of: Phoenix over Easter Eggers. Silkie Crosses of Silkie over Easter Egger, Silkie over Phoenix. Easter Egger Purebreds, Easter Egger over Phoenix.

    Going to build more pens as I start to focus on only a few breeds. Will update as I purchase show stock eggs.

    • Feed Bags: Water Proof: Mostly white, Baby Blues: semi water proof.

    I have to got through craft stuff and trinkets....will update.
    What I Owe:

    1. .............. (Shipped: / / )

    Thanks! I have access to a Paypal.

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    Whittni has Bachelor's degree in Agriculture with minors in Art and Communication. In her free time, she enjoys studying flock behavior and hopes to train as a poultry judge in the future.

    Her favorite animals? Chickens of course! Whittni would like to revolutionize the outside stigma of poultry keeping and help economise backyard flock keeping. She also enjoys sewing, crafts, and traveling abroad with her husband Aleksei.


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