Here is my small opperation that keeps me relaxed.

This is an old tobacco barn that I converted into a chicken coop.

Nesting boxes. They even lay in the space below the boxes.

Roosts. They only use the top roost. All 15 fit. I will have to extend it when the babies grow up.

View from the back doors. There is a loft to store the straw I use.

Isolation for new chicks that have just got their feathers. They stay in here until they get big enough to be put
the rest of the flock.

Here is the main Rhode Island Red flock.

Here is Omlete the New Hampshire Red that is the pet of the flock. Loves to be picked up and petted.

On the roost and ready for bed.

Bought 7 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Australorps today. 02/27/2010

Other side of the feeder.

This is their home until big enough to go into the isolation home in the coop.

32 RIRs in the bator.