who are [chicken]laws for?

By dundee7 · Jun 7, 2017 · ·
  1. dundee7
    Think of it! Laws are everywhere.
    All around. Man has made millions of laws in the past and today the press is busy cranking out millions more. As a chicken enthusiast and by virtue, a law enthusiast,vI often wonder: who are chicken laws made for? Chickens? Not the slightest chance. For KFC? Maybe, for Sunday Dinners? Tasty but, again, naah!
    Who then?If you said "Public Safety", you are an advanced beaurocrat and need to sign up for my class next month: who are beaurocrats made for?

    Simply and Biblically put: laws are made for the lawless.
    Now chew your cud on this for a moment. " laws are made for the Lawless" Does that mean that people in the 1800s are not lawfully married? ( there were no marriage "licenses" then) and what about before there were pilot "licences"? Fishing " Licenses"?
    Where I am going with this is Chicken "licenses" don't believe it is coming? Do you believe the day is coming when you will need a "license" to own poultry? To gather and sell eggs from your own coops?
    Maybe a meeting at town hall just once... Asking that pointed question will answer it better than I can because laws are different from locale to locale... Tho this is not the way it should be. If you are snake bit (a term meaning 'born loser') then it follows you through life. No civil, natural or pretended law can help you. A bad law is bad. B-A-D.
    "It does not calcify in water".
    Someone once said.
    What has all this to do with your local " laws " concerning poultry and your right to own and harvest chickens?
    If you want to keep your rightsvto own and harvest/market your poultry you will best serve those ends by 1: owning poultry. 2: maintaining a harvest and market for poultry.3: knowing your right to do such is God given.( if you are an athiest, wait for my free brochure: lost at see.) and cannot be taken from you. You might invest some time in studying your God given right to carry a gun...maybe... Just saying.

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    The author is an Amish traditionalist with home grown, reality honed baritone. Some things can be pushed, some things can be pulled, some things can be twisted, but nothing can be ignored.


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  1. patsy334
    Love this. Would love to hear more.

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