Who love Leghorns???

By chkncrazy · Jun 18, 2019 · ·
  1. chkncrazy
    I've had over 50 different breeds over the past 30 years, I love mostly all chickens, I've heard so many bad things about leghorns, and in my experience I've only had good experiences, they follow me around, loved to be picked up, are very inquisitive, cute and take little room and lay huge eggs and the feed conversion is phenomenal..... Why do they get such a bad name? Am I just lucky? What are your opinions????? I would love to hear from y'all.... post pics if you like!!!

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  1. chkncrazy
    I think that's a trick mine come up to me all the time Jump on my lap I don't know maybe I'm just smooth hahah
  2. Eon69nc
    I love them, you work with them often and not do fast moves initial when chicks and they are docile.
  3. chkncrazy
    When I figure out how to upload pics in will lol...

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