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Why I have hated Chickens for a while

By Woytgirl · Mar 3, 2018 ·
  1. Woytgirl
    Hey everyone....I have some sad news. :hitI was removing the unfertlized eggs a day b4 i expected it to hatch, picked the fertile egg up, and heard a peep and saw a hole!:love I was amazed and instantly captivated by the little baby inside. Here's the bad news: I left the house that night to sleep over at my cousins house and when i came back the following night there was no trace of the chick, or the egg. I think one of the other hens ate it!!:hit:he:mad: I burst into tears and after that hated all the chickens for a while. That's why I haven't been on here. I still am so mad, but i still like some of our hens. I think i know who killed the chick, and whenever i see her, i get infuriated.:mad: I think it was a wyandotte, the one who always snuck into the broody mom's nest cuz she was picked on. This wyandotte has pecked and cornered chicks before. To be fair, all of my hens have pecked chicks b4, but this wyandotte seems suspicious since she was going in the nest.

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