Why I Love Marigolds!

By Mountain Peeps · Nov 8, 2014 · Updated Sep 24, 2015 · ·
  1. Mountain Peeps
    All About Marigolds for Chickens
    Did you know that marigolds are what help make egg yolks darker orange? Did you know that they soothe irritated skin? Did you know they are high in vitamins? This is why I love marigolds!

    I have been growing and using marigolds with my flock for about two years now. They have a strong aroma which I love! I sprinkle the leaves in the nest boxes and feed the whole plant to my flock. They LOVE marigolds also. Why do I put them in the nests? Well, they again, are very aromatic which is good for laying hens. It relaxes and calms them. Plus marigolds prevent flies and some other insects. (Except earwigs who love marigolds!) If you ever buy a nest box blend at a farm store or chicken website, you will notice that they contain dried marigold leaves along with many other herbs and seeds. So obviously, they are good for a chicken's respiratory health and are good to use in the nests.

    What is the best way to feed marigolds? Basically any way! I know people who crush and dry them and then use them in the chickens' feed. Others, like me, use the fresh leaves in the nests and give the rest of the plant to the flock. You can also just feed the entire fresh plant to your flock.
    Marigolds contain a pigment called "Xanthopyll" which is what makes them so dark and what makes egg yolks orange. So if you are after that deep orange, yolk color, feed your hens marigolds.

    Marigolds are a wonderful addition to any flock. They are healthy and easy-to-grow plant.


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  1. mymilliefleur
    I love this article!! I love marigolds to, and so do my birds. I always try to grow a big patch of these in my garden every year.
  2. ChickyChickens
    Nice post!! The pics are awesome!!
  3. MyPetNugget
    LOVE these pics!! And I did not know that they could eat marigolds or that they would make their eggs more orange!! :D That's amazing! Thanks for writing this!! :)
  4. nikki_r5
    I have regrown my own for nearly 10 (ten) years on a reg. basis from dead-heading. I grew up with my mother & grandmother planting them in the veg. garden and I always thought it was just to make "the garden look nice" but -DUH- !
    The things you finally realize that you actually learned from our elders growing up ...
    I had only used them in the garden w/ Basil to deter Hornworms from my Tomatoes & Peppers.
    Then, I found that they benefit the soil by also deterring unwanted nematodes as long as you keep the "aroma/taste" level maintained.
    Anyway... FYI :)
  5. islandgirl82
    Excellent! There are so many uses for these little cuties! They offer a little something for everyone.
    Here are some more medicinal benefits to them:
    I've also always heard that planting them throughout a veg garden deters mice from making off with the goods (but I have a cat and one very determined pullet who do a fine job of that anyway). :)
  6. N F C
    Nice article Mountain Peeps! Marigolds have long been one of my favorite flowers and I enjoy having them in the garden (for me to enjoy and to help keep the bugs away). I only wish my chickens liked them as well as I do. I've offered the flowers to the girls several times but they show no interest. I'll keep trying though, as shown in your photo, they make for beautiful yolks!
  7. TwoCrows
    Marigolds have always been my favorite flower! I just love to smell them. They work so well to repel bugs too. Very few things in nature will eat them and generally everything stays away from them. I love them too!! Great article!!! :)

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