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Why Raise Backyard Chickens? The Many Reasons & Benefits

By Nifty-Chicken, Mar 22, 2013 | Updated: Apr 10, 2013 | |
  1. Nifty-Chicken
    There are many reasons to raise chickens in your backyard, but here are a few of the most frequently expressed reasons people raise chickens:


    Chickens are easy, inexpensive pets when compared to most other pets.

    • 1 Bag of Layer feed lasts a month for many backyard flocks
    • They mature much quicker than most other pets
    • No housebreaking required [​IMG]
    • Its easy to have more than one!

    Hens will produce eggs that are fresh and nutritious, not to mention great tasting. Backyard eggs are also much healthier than their store bought counterparts.

    Backyard eggs contain:

    • 1/3 the Cholesterol of store bought eggs
    • 2/3 more vitamin A
    • 1/4 less saturated fat
    • 2 times the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids
    • 3 times the amount of Vitamin E
    • 7 times more Beta Carotene
    • Plus you know what the hen consumed in order to produce the egg!!

    Chickens are great for the environment
    • Chickens love eating our left overs
    • They save us trips to the store
    • They save trees! No more buying eggs with cartons
    • They fortify the soil with their nutrient-rich manure

    They make excellent chemical free pest and weed control

    • Chickens will gobble up those pesky garden snails and slugs
    • Hate pulling weeds? Chickens would love to help you out with that
    • Dislike mowing the lawn? Get you chickens a mobile coop and they will do the mowing for you
    • Own an orchard? Chickens will devour the fallen fruit before it can cause any issues
    • Crickets, grasshoppers, caterpillars, you name it, the chicken will eat it, therefore providing all-natural bug control for you and your other pets!

    Chickens: The world's best and friendliest fertilizer

    • Chicken manure has great levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
    • Chicken manure is more economically valuable than synthetic fertilizers
    • Chicken manure can make great fertilizer tea

    Chickens: The perfect backyard pet

    • Chickens can be very affectionate pets
    • Kids love to be around them
    • They make great 4-H Projects
    • They can even be indoor pets!
    • Certain breeds of chickens can be as good a pet as your average dog, cat, guinea pig etc.
    • It's fun to watch them run around in the yard
    • A fun way for your kids to learn to be responsible
    • They can help you and your kid(s) to learn how to create a thriving farm and egg business.
    • You can clicker-train your chicken(s) to go through obstacles, play an instrument, etc.!

    Chickens: More than just egg layers

    • Chickens can be man's best friend!
    • Need a freind? Alergic to pet hair? Get a chicken!
    • Chickens will make you smile, even when your sad.
    • Intelligent, quirky and full of personality, the flock you purchased to just be egg layers will quickly become your pets!
    • Chickens lower the blood pressure.
    • Chickens show me how simple life can really be.
    • They know my daily routine better than I do!
    • They can help to ease up on depression, sometimes saving lives.

    Chicken Owners Enjoy Networking

    • having swap meets with people you've chatted with on line.
    • Making friends with People you've met at swaps
    • Meeting lots of chicken people at shows

    Chickens: pictures! How could you resist those little faces?












    Want even more egg-cellent reasons to add chickens to your life?

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