Why Turkeys are good pets.

  1. MysticPoultry101
    I am a huge turkey person. I love them. From what I've seen raising turkeys, They get attached to their owners and follow them around EVERYWHERE, Peck at their hair and anything they are holding, And some if them love to be pet by their owners. My turkeys Monny(Monsoon), Tsunami, and Tornado(they are all named after storms) are like all of these. Tornado doesn't run after me like Monny and Tsunami, but she atill runs after me. She is always interested in whatever Im holding when i go outside or come into the coop. She will sit down and let me pet her and comes to our door when ahe wants her favorite treat, An apple.

    Monny, is a little different. He runs after me, Loves head pets, And messes with my hair. When i go out in the run, He stands next to me. (We believe he is a tom, because he struts and his head gets red, But we arent Quite sure yet because he is only 4 months old.) Monny had even protected me from a mean rhode island red hen. She pecked my finger when I went to pick her up, and Monny chased her away!

    Tsunami Is like Monny, runs after me, but she loves to sit on my lap and eat food. She doesn't fight the chickens like monny, But she is always by my side and is always interested in my hair.

    Turkeys are attached to their owners, Friendly, And very amusing to be around, And thats why I believe that Turkeys make good pets.
    1st pic is Tornado, 2nd pic is Tsunami, and 3rd pic Is Monny.

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