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Wichita, Kansas

By WichitaKSClucks · May 24, 2015 · Updated May 24, 2015 ·
  1. WichitaKSClucks
    Wichita, KS poultry laws - as of 5/24/2015

    Without a permit you may have any combination of 3 hens; male or female geese or ducks. You may NOT, under any circumstances, have a rooster or guines of either sex.

    If you want to exceed 3 poultry then you need to apply for a $25 yearly "Animal Maintainance Permit" and then may have up to 12 poultry of any combination, but still no roosters or guines of either sex.

    They will pretty much issue the paid permit to anyone but if you get neighbor complaints and the city comes out to inspect and finds unhealthy or unsanitary conditions, heavily soiled or smelly coop, then your permit will be revoked and you have 5 days to get rid of all poultry and you won't be allowed to have ANY poultry of any number (even 3 or less) for two years. The city will also occasionally do random inspections.

    I'm not sure about the law on turkeys. I don't have turkeys.

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