Wicked Lair, Swing-set Upcycle!!

By wickedhens · Apr 20, 2014 · Updated Feb 15, 2015 ·
  1. wickedhens

    I have always wanted a farm for a long time, so my husband decided to help me with my dream and start me off with a simple addition....chickens! I love any kind of bird but chickens have always been my favorite! We wanted to start off small so I got 4 chicks, then I decided I liked them and got 6, then 8, 9, 11, and finally 14 (maybe more lol I have found they are extremely addicting!) As my number in chicks were growing so were the actual chicks themselves and I knew with warm weather moving in it would be time for them to move out into a coop, but we didn't have one yet yikes! My dad is carpenter and wanted to start from scratch, this is all and well but I am frugal...okay cheap so I drew a design and told him I wanted it done for $150 or less...he laughed but have no fear my husband and I had some vacation time and decided to do it our way while my dad sat back and laughed more!


    Framed in & put up the walls
    Yay floor & Roof!

    Some of my girls checking out the progress! They approve!

    Easy access "cleaning" door​

    Front porch!

    Oh you know just washing some clothes! [​IMG]
    The Evil Queen (aka Eve) and Bluebell

    Run Added & just in time for my newly hatched sizzles!​

    Babies are settled in and happy!​

    With a torn ACL it took my husband 2 weeks to do this coop. All supplies including hardware, extra wood, paint etc cost $130!!! Take that Dad LOL. This was my husbands 1st ever build of any kind and I am extremely proud of him! Its a good sturdy coop and the girlies love it! The are free range mostly but use the run when we leave.

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  1. wickedhens
    Thank you! The purple is a real head turner had one of the ranchers across the road almost run into his cattle fence when we got it painted because he couldn't look away while driving his side by side lol
  2. Mountain Peeps
    Creative idea!! Love the purple:) Gorgeous chickens too!
  3. wickedhens
    The deal with mine would be that I would bud the whole thing I did a lot of it but then my husband got really bored and took control lol They are funny girls definitely keep me entertained lol
    Perfecft!!! Im building mine now. Okay my husband is doing most of the work but I can hold the dummy end of a measuring tape like nobody's business!! Your birds are cuties too!!
  5. wickedhens
    Thank you!
  6. CrazyChookLady5
  7. wickedhens
    Oh and I forgot to write this down but the top where the roof is seperated on the side we put up hardware wire and added little doors that can open and shut for ventilation and keeping warm in winter, we are also hoping to add one window with hardware wire for extra light and ventilation, other ventilation ideas are appreciated =) I live in WV so I need something that won't freeze them in winter ;)
  8. wickedhens
    Yes my budget was $150 and I did $130! Whoo go me lol My silkies ( and all my other chickens) do great on the ramp when my husband put them up I thought they were too steep but they trotted right up and down them for an hour (looked like they were playing a game!) no problem! =D And thank you!
  9. crazyfeathers
    Sorry I should have also said great job, love the Color of your coop. Did you stay within budget?
  10. crazyfeathers
    Do your silkies have a difficult time going up and down the ramp?

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