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By Sparkypatriot15 · Dec 23, 2012 · Updated Dec 30, 2012 ·
  1. Sparkypatriot15
    Describe 'wildlife drawings page :) here

    this page is for poultry-loving artists. [​IMG] you can draw pictures of wildlife and post it on this page. i can also help with hatching and raising chicks a little. i hope everyone enjoys this page![​IMG]


    this is an example of what i can display… this is a mallard duck that i drew using scratchboard[​IMG]

    if you would like to post a drawing on this page, you can PM me and send me the photo you would like to post [​IMG]

    you can also post funny comic characters like this. [​IMG]

    and this page isnt limited to specific animals- tigers can be included too! i never actually finished this one and i ended up giving it to some of my neighbors.

    drawings dont have to be pencil, either. theres always room for other types of art, like charcoal! this is a charcoal wolf drawing. im not the best at charcoal yet, but im still practicing[​IMG]

    i will post more drawings soon. and maybe i can post some for fellow artists![​IMG]

    you can also get some really good detail in the drawings too :) this is the first parrot ive ever drawn, so i need some opinions on it? anad has anyone ever hatched a parrot before, maybe?

    nobody forget, its always good to smile [​IMG]


    okay…. big update coming up!!!!!

    first, we've got some parrots i drew, not the best ive drawn but ya know [​IMG]

    heres a drawing of someone's chicken, i hope they like it! [​IMG]

    theres an owl i drew, i taught myself this style of drawing at 2am the morning i drew this, its pretty easy, actually. and fun![​IMG]

    i tried to learn how to draw people, but im not very good… this is an elf i decided to draw, is it ok? [​IMG]


    if you look close at this wolf i drew, you can find everything in a deck of cards… theres Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Kings, Queens, Jokers, and Aces! [​IMG]

    has anyone ever wondered what a wolf would look like with human eyes? well i was trying to draw a self portrait, but i failed horribly. then i got the idea to draw a wolf with my eyes instead, still a portrait, but a different kind? well, this was the turnout:



    those are some horses ive done lately, the top one is a black stallion and the bottom one is a dusty lil grey pony [​IMG]

    i wanna put some of these up for auction, but i dont know how…. any suggestions? does anyone want any of these drawings?

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  1. BobsChickens
    All your art stuff is great!
  2. Sparkypatriot15
    thanks! and i dont know what that style is called i just randomly tried drawing like that when i was bored one morning… thank you! :)
  3. Lacy Blues
    Wow! I really like your parrots, your duck, your reclining tiger, and your fancy ones. What do you call that style? ... the one of the owl and the other one, a wolf. Those are very interesting. Very very nice.
  4. Sparkypatriot15
  5. PrnzsButtrcluck
  6. chickmonk18
    Your drawings are beautiful!! Especially the Mallard.
  7. Sally Sunshine
    LOVE THEM Sparky!! dont forget to add the beautiful drawings you have gifted me with!!! <3 your awesome!!

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