Willow Springs Coop

By Lbm2003d · Jul 20, 2015 · Updated Jul 23, 2015 · ·
  1. Lbm2003d
    We started with 4 chickens and in a single year are up to 34. Our coop is made of all recycled material. We started with an 11 foot square existing concrete pad from an old pump house and saved the lumber from a barn project. We installed antique windows and doors on the exterior and reclaimed wooden wine boxes for the roosting boxes.

    We installed a fan for ventillation, roosting poles and voila! happy chickens. Since the original build we have built a nursery that is for introducing chicks which we can remove as they grow up. We have swing sets,and lots of toys for our girls too. The go out daily to free range but are all happily locked up at night to prevent any predator activity.

    The sign is Chez Poulet for exterior decoration and they have window boxes but prefer to roost in them - destroying my attempts at an artistic touch.

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  1. marxmail
    Very nice... Would love to see more pictures.

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