WillowTree Farm
Home to Barnevelders, BCMs, a Wheaten Marans, a Blue Ameraucana, EEs, and an OE!!

Our little farm is located outside of Toledo, OH. It started out as just a place to keep our horses and to try our hand at 'new-fashioned domesticity.' That started with a garden, that then grew into a couple fruit trees, fruit bushes, and the latest is our own flock of chickens... well two to be precise, and while we're at it, we want to have a third. It all started with a plan... two pens and two flocks. One flock of Barnevelders, and one flock of Black Copper Marans plus a couple other breeds. One of the EE pullets that turned out to be a roo earned sanctuary with us for his good looks and manners. But we still want to have our flock of BCM's and Barnevelders... so now we have to figure out how to build a third pen.

So for now, we have Sargeant Pepper the EE roo, Darcy the Barnevelder cockerel, and Bingley the BCM roo.
I hope to some day add a couple Lavender Orpington hens to the flock, just because I love their look!

A little bit more about the breeding of our birds:
Our Black Copper Marans were bred by Tannis Canfield of Swanton, OH, as were our EE, OE and blue Ameraucana.
The Barnevelders are from Christina Ledford's vB show line. They hatched in 9/2011.

Until I figure out how to put the actual pictures in here, here is a link to my facebook album about our flocks. Enjoy!