Wind and ducks

By Onlyducks · Nov 16, 2014 · ·
  1. Onlyducks
    People seem to often wonder about ducks and wind. I'm writing this up because I live in a very windy state. Semis routinely blow off the interstate, house trailers blow over and even a McDonald's sign blew over a couple of years ago. Shingles are constantly being torn off the roof. I just put them in a stack and repair the roof as needed. We have high wind warnings a lot, especially in the winter months. I've included a picture of my pomeranian standing nose-first into the wind. She appears to stand this way to take full advantage of the multitude of smells that come with wind. Years ago I had a smaller pomeranian who got caught broadside in the wind and actually was blown down one of the paths I have in my yard. She was fine after I petted her and calmed her down.


    Does the wind bother my ducks--well, yes and no. None have blown over in the wind, even when they are very small. The adults do fine, but they generally do not like the wind. I find them either inside their large wooden crate/house or standing outside on the downwind side. I have tried putting up tarps, only to have the tarp shredded. Now I use fiberglass panels to block the wind. The ducks will also go out into our windbreak and sit underneath the trees when there's a lot of wind.



    As long as the ducks have a shelter, the wind should not be a problem. Critters of all sorts have adapted to the high wind where I live and they do just fine.

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  1. Amiga
    Thanks for your insights. When we have high wind warnings here in southern New England, I often bring the ducks to their night pen / storm shelter. We live at the edge of a wood, and there is always deadwood that can be blown down.

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