Windows, doors and ramps

40569_plo_005.jpg 40569_plo_003.jpg
Rear doors are 3/4 inch pine with Z bracing, hinged and latched and sealed with weather stripping.
Front doors are 1/8 " glass in a pine frame, hinged on top and latched on the bottom. They are made to fit snugly over the window divider frame and can be opened to any angle by the use of hooks and chains.
The ramps are also 3/4" pine made to the size of the side openings and are the full height of the wall. Strips of pine are attached to the ramps to act as steps for the birds. They must be 1" shy of the side of the ramp so they will close tightly! They are hinged at the bottom and when closed holes are drilled through ramp and frame so that when a nylon cord is attached the ramps can be opened and closed from the outside.