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By ChickenLover200 · Jun 5, 2014 · Updated Jun 7, 2014 ·
  1. ChickenLover200
    Well we got 28 Easter chicks from a local feed store and 12 were Barred Rocks, 12 Gold Links, and what would Easter be like without the rare breeds? We got 1 Sicilian Buttercup, 1 Austrolorp, 1 Golden Campine, and 1 breed. Wings just happened to be one of those Barred Rocks. He's the nicest rooster I know (for now). I think the store said they ordered the chicks form Murray McMurray.. But I could be wrong.. She said that all these chicks SHOULD be pullets. They were only like 3 days old though. So I think anyone could get it wrong :)

    We brought them home got them comfortable and 2 weeks passed. I notice a bit larger chick who seems to be getting a red comb already! and the others were still only just getting their combs.. I said "I think this one might be a rooster" picking Wings up and pointing out the comb. I watch him for a few more weeks and he's still growing much faster than everyone else. So I turn to BYC, post a thread in What breed or Gender is this? section and I asked for 2nd opinions. I said: I'm almost pretty sure this is a rooster I just came for second opinions, because I don't want to get ahead of myself =D

    I think one person said he would be a hen or that it was hard to tell because Barred Rocks are so hard to tell apart, but 5 other people said Definitely rooster! I already have 3 roosters, but let's not talk about them :) You came here to read about Wings. :p So when we moved the chicks to the coop with the Silkies (at 5wks old) I knew he was a rooster and he was the nicest little one.
    He will perch on my arm or go for walks with me.. just this morning I heard him crow for the first time. a little beep! SOon he'll be going to live with the bigger girls!



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