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By WinklerFarms · May 21, 2012 · Updated Oct 7, 2012 ·
  1. WinklerFarms
    We have a small poultry farm that we raise and sell broiler chickens as well as all other kinds of poultry. We are in the process of obtaining our hatchery permit and becoming NPIP certified. We have raised around 600 cx broilers in the last couple years and this year alone we will be doing around 500. Next year our goal is to get close to our current limit of 1000.

    Winkler Poultry Farm
    Clarissa Mn

    Swaps I owe

    Swindledana Legbars in spring. 6 x2

    Mrheinz. Delawares

    Crazypetlady. Delawares x2

    Coffeekittie Rouens in spring 6

    cassied legbars in spring 6

    Spitfire ccl spring

    Kraftyladies ccl spring

    Swaps owed to me

    Crazypetlady. Duccles 6

    Crazypetlady. sppr 6 x2

    Kraftylady. SFH in spring. 6 x2

    Shellyga. 12 white leghorn.

    crazypetlady 8 olandsk dwarf eggs. X2

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