Received our first batch of chicks from McMurray in March, 2009. Hens: Australorps (5), Barred Rocks (2) & Rhode Island Red (4). One Australorp roo with a bonus Black Polish roo.
Picked up three Red Star chicks in April, followed by eight more chicks in May: Turkens (3), Faverolles (2) & Light Brahmas (3).
First egg in early August, 2009 (from an RIR). Sell the eggs out of the house. Sold 10 or 20 dozen before we started keeping track; just sold our 455th dozen yesterday.
Just picked up six Americauna mix chicks last week (only one roo!).
Decided we wanted to have a hand at hatching eggs, so we picked up a HovaBator w/ auto tuner and added a fan to it. Set eggs last week; first hatch is due around 11/17.

First batch of chicks, fresh from the Post Office.

Into the brooders!

Three little birds...

First Day in the new run.

Building the North Wing...shoulda made it bigger!

Red Stars join the flock