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    The tribe's territory is a on the side of a smallish mountain, in a large forest of fir and deciduous trees. Birds, squirrels, rabbits and mice used to be a common scent, but now the tribe's prey is scarce due to hunting by twolegs and competing wildlife. Lone cats, known as 'Wanderers' exclusively by the Tribe, are incredibly rare, as most cannot survive on their own. In the center of the camp, there is a large pile of boulders stacked firmly on top of each other. Within these rocks there are many caves and crevices, each just big enough for a family of cats to live in. Moss and vines cover the stones and provide a perfect hideaway for the camp. A small waterfall splashes across the rocks and slithers through the leaves on the forest floor.
    On top of all the rocks lies a fallen tree. It is sacred to the Tribe and called the Star Log for its star shaped roots. More about this log can be read in the Lore section of this article.

    To the north lies a great city that is occupied by Humans, known to the cats as Twolegs. Many cats come from here due to the food supply, but rarely do cats go there. No cat has ever been beyond the city. People in the city are selfish and cruel, wasting their time and money on lavish things. This will eventually be the city's downfall, but not for a long time. People leave their food to waste on the ground, which is covered in garbage and filth. Pigeons and Coyotes, known to the cats as "City Howlers," make their home here, thriving off of what the twolegs leave behind. Pets such as dogs and cats have become somewhat rare, with people being too lazy to devote time to caring for a pet.

    To the west is the suburbia of the city: A bit less populated, and with neat little carbon-copy houses all in a row instead of tall skyscrapers. There are more kittypets and dogs here in the suburbs, but still not many. There are also lots of twoleg children here. Although children are weaker, they are more unpredictable in their nature.

    To the east are a few scattered, run-down farmhouses in large waving fields of corn and wheat, and large meadows full of sheep, horses, chickens and cattle. The people here live simpler lives and in general aren't as spoiled and cruel. But they have a tendency to use the Third Arm--that is, go out hunting--and take all the prey from the cats, and occasionally shoot the cats as well.

    To the south, the stream that runs through camp snakes its way down the mountain becomes tributary to a large pond full of fish. Twolegs come here to go fishing or boating. Cats come here sometimes as well, but it often has a bit too much twoleg activity to explore safely.


    The Tribe of Gathering Storms has many traditions and lore, including burial, matehood, healer, apprentice, and hunter or fighter ceremonies.
    Burial ceremonies are held at the Star Log, and it is tradition to scratch a mark for every fallen Tribe member, much like the stick of the fallen. It is against the Law to jump on top of the Log, or position yourself on top of the Star Log in any way shape or form. You are also not allowed to climb any of the trees surrounding the Star Log either, because the purpose of this Law is to not ever be in a higher position than the Log.

    1. All loyalty is to the Tribe; nothing shall be put above it.
    2. The killing of Tribemates is forbidden.
    3. The killing of other cats is forbidden, unless in an act of self-defense.
    4. No cat will hunt the juvenile offspring of any animal.
    5. Give thanks to the Ancestors for your meals.
    6. Never, ever trust a twoleg.

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