Worming Chickens—Medicines and Dosing Information

Found worms in some poop? Find the medicine and doses here to get rid of them.
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  1. KikisGirls
    IN PROGRESS—Updated on March 13, 2018
    Photo credit: @MrsBrooke Roundworms

    It is always best to have a vet check fresh poop to determine if you have too many worms in your flock.
    Most vets, who do not see chickens, will still test poop if you bring it in.
    (It's very easy to pick up a phone and call around to ask.)

    Most all state vets will allow you to over night fresh poop to them for testing.
    (I will be adding a link to all state vets soon)

    The most common worms are roundworm and cecal worms.

    Treatment for these two are ONE dose of the below medicine (choose one) on day one and then repeat one dose in 10 to 14 days. I would recommend throwing eggs away for 2 weeks after second dose.

    1. Albendazole (name brand Valbazen) .08 ml per pound

    Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 5.03.14 PM.png

    2. Febendazole (Safeguard and Panacur) .23 ml per pound
    Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 5.02.08 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 5.02.42 PM.png

    * I do not recommend adding any of these to their waterer or food. It is best to dose each bird straight to the beak to ensure they get the correct amount.

    **It is best to weigh each bird to get the proper dose.

    "Pea size" is wrong: The Truth About the "Pea Sized Blob" of Horse Paste De-Wormer
    2018 NEW INFO: ✪ FDA Approves Fenbendazole for Use in Laying Hens to Treat Large Roundworms and Cecal Worms ✪

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  1. KikisGirls
  2. DeeAnn5
    OK this week I will be using the Safeguard on my 5 hens...Should I throw the eggs away after the first dose also?
  3. KikisGirls
  4. FeatherPugs
    Only throw eggs after the second dose?
    Is there such a thing as a "maintenance" worming method? Just curious....thanks.
    1. KikisGirls
      I would throw eggs away starting on day one of treatment all the way til two weeks after the last treatment.

      The following medicine has recently been approved for laying hens with NO egg withdrawal:
      Aquasol. You can read about it here in the very last link listed above "FDA Approves..."
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    2. Pater est Pullis
      Can't you feed the eggs to the chickens, until after second dose has run it's course?
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