Wry neck in chickens and chicks-Everything you need to know on treating wry neck

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    Yes, treating Wry Neck.Right now you are Proboly thinking:"Whats Wry Neck?"
    Well, Wry Neck is like a injury, most Likely on pullets and chicks.Its when there neck in twisted and it looks like there looking towards the moon.Also called, Twisted Neck, and Stargazing.
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    What Causes Wry Neck?
    You'll find that people fall into three camps about this : one group consider that it's a straightforward vitamin deficiency, the second that it's genetic and the third that it's a condition affecting Silkie and Polish (UK Poland) chickens because of their tendency to head injury.

    The best research information finds that it appears to be a deficiency in vitamin 'E' and the mineral element 'selenium'. In a chick this is likely to be caused by the parent birds being deficient in those elements; in an adult chicken its own diet would need reviewing. In any case, the treatment is the same.
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    How Do I treat Wry Neck?
    1.Remove the chick(s)/Chicken(s) from the coop(s).Wry Neck gets worse if the chick/Chicken is stressed.

    2. You will need a supplement containing Vitamin 'E' and, if at all possible, selenium. Vitamin 'E' is the main cure; selenium helps the chicken to absorb it. If you can't find the two together in one capsule (or in powder form), look for them separately.

    3. In terms of how to get Vitamin 'E', it's always a good idea to have a good quality chicken vitamin supplement available. If you haven't and can't get hold of one quickly, buy some human Vitamin 'E' capsules and squirt out the contents of one to mix with the feed.

    If the supplement doesn't contain selenium, take one 25 microgramme selenium tablet (or break a 50mcg tablet in half) and crush that up with the vitamin in the feed.

    4. Give this to the chick twice or three times a day. The chick will need to be helped to eat and drink as its head will not be turned the right way. This can be done either by wrapping it in a towel and holding its head near the food and water, or by spoon-feeding.

    5. There may be improvement as quickly as 24 hours after the first dose, but it can take several days for improvement to start and it may seem to get worse before it gets better. It can take as long as a month before the condition disappears altogether. Don't give up.

    Even if there is improvement, don't stop giving the supplements because the condition will return. Keep it going for about two weeks after the condition has improved. Do not continue to feed Vitamin 'E' supplements after that, though - in continuing doses it can cause internal damage.

    NOTE:All credit goes to Raising Happy Chickens.

    Thank you for reading!

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