Wry neck

By tevepaughs · Jul 29, 2018 · ·
  1. tevepaughs
    My lavender orpington hen born with wry neck. So she had been care for like a child! We thought everything was ok till she started falling on her back for no reason, and now hey neck is worse and at some points she is shaking. She's not acting right. Please any information will help. She had been eating and drinking up untill today, she is about 3 months old.

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  1. tevepaughs
    Bi have been giving her the vitamins, she was doing great these past 3months . She very lethargic chattering her beak.I've been trying to spoon feed and water to her. But her breathing is back and fourth.
  2. ChickNanny13
    2x KikisGirls - Have you tried Vitamin E 400IU & Selenium 25mcg 2 - 3x day, NutriDrench, Thiamine/Vit B1
    You may want to repost in the forum Emergencies, Injuries, Illness & Cures
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  3. Texas Kiki
    Have you tried daily vitamin supplements yet?

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