Wry neck

  1. Lindsay1976
    Hiya guys, I've got a speckled hen with wry neck. Brought things like liver pigs and ox mushrooms melon sardines in sunflower oil ect. Garlic turmeric they have daily. Cabbage celery ect. Do I need to cook the meat n veg please. The picture she not looking bad as its only ever now and then it happens. I've also got guardian angel and diatomaceous earth xx

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  1. Yorkshire Coop
  2. ChickNanny13
    Repost in the Emergencies, Disease, Illness & Cures FORUM ... You'll get more responses than in the Article Section. You could also do a search in the Forum Section.

    Wry Neck - Vitamin E 400IU & Selenium 25mcg 2 - 3x day, NutriDrench, Thiamine/Vit B1, tuna, liver
    1. Lindsay1976
      Thanks hun. All these weird named things are alien to me xx
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