White Village Poultry
Growing the birds that we like to have strut around the farm. We are at about 350 birds now and hatching. Formerly a dairy farm always had a few chickens now out a hand as my wife says. But our daughter and grand kids love them. I get to tie my flies for fishing, Serena has an assortment for her and her friends to show at the fair. Assorted Bantams, Cochin, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, Red and Black Stars, Buff Orpingtons, Polish, Barred Rocks,White Leg Horns, Phoenix Longtails, Giant Black Cochin, Bantam Phoenix, Jumbo Cornish X. We will update with pictures as we continue to grow.Always intererested in talking about chickens. Learning more and more everyday its great!!!!!!!!!!! Just trying to carry on the (White Village Holstien) A Traditition in a different fashion. Breeding strong bloodlines for years to come.
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14321 Wicker Av.
Cedar lake In.46303
Doug, Brenda and Serena Schreiber,2-Austrailian Shepards Max & Mindy, 1 Maltise Hana