Wyandotte Silver Laced Wyandotte By Cat1994

By cat1994 · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. cat1994

    Silver Laced Wyandotte Created by cat1994
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    Hard to catch Bears confinement well Aggressive Pretty Self reliant Lays well Never gone broody





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    5 mon​
    Silver Laced Wyandotte​


    6 mon​


    3 wee​


    8 wee​

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  1. BLT79
    I am going to be looking at a 2 month old silver laced Wyandotte. how can I make sure it's a hen at that age? do not want to bring home a roo! thanks so much! I don't know what to look for with this breed. It is a hatchery chick too! if that helps.
  2. Hinky429
    We have a Silver laced named "Oreo" he's still very young, and we have a golden laced name "Goldie" we got them both at the same time but they aren't from the same mother.. Goldie is older and has started to get her comb in, she looks about the right age to start laying in a week or 2. Oreo still has a way to go, her comb is barely visable yet. It's there but not pronounced at all. Hope they stay this sweet. My Plymouth Rock has been very hospitable to the new girls, which surprises me because she's so spoiled by our Rooster.. He finds all her bugs and stuff for her and calls her to come eat.. She's REALLY spoiled!...LOL
  3. backroomtreasures
    Very pretty, I have a gold laced bantum, had a silver laced, but something got her :( will order a couple more this spring, I think I would love to have a roo too.

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