Silver-laced Created by Renee
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

The Silver-laced Wyandotte is an American dual-purpose breed with a rose comb, although occasionally a bird with a single comb is seen. The hens weigh about six pounds. It lays a light brown egg, about 200 a year. Wyandottes do well in cool or warm climates. My Silver-laced Wyandotte hen is a calm, docile bird. She does not seek out affection, but if I pick her up and set her on my lap she won't get down unless I put her down. She likes having her wattles stroked and she likes to be stroked on her head and back. She is quiet. She is the dominant hen in my flock of three birds, but she is an easy-going boss.




Description / Information



Quasimodo, my Silver-laced Wyandotte hen. She holds her tail crooked, and has since she was a mere babe.​