To many chicken to count. Breeds include...barred, white, partridge rock, r.i. red, chanteclers, russian orloff, partridge cochin, Australorp, buff orpinton, light brown leghorn, barbenter, various bantams, white silkie, white faced spanish, dominique, brahma, lakenvelder, egyptian fayoumi, americana///and maybe more i can't think of.
We also have 3 swedish and 3 muscovy ducks and some mixed ducks. 5 guineas and 2 thanksgiving b.b. bronze turkeys. a german shorthaired pointer a mut a fluffy siamese looking cat 3 bearded dragons and 1 old chinchilla =]
I love living in the country

I am located in Alden NY just outside of Buffalo NY
We have a few different coops some permanent some for raising chickens in summer.
don't know what else to put.