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  1. XHippieChickX
    [FONT=georgia,palatino] My Blog[/FONT]
    Well, I am only 10 years old, and I LOVE poultry. You can thank my teacher for that. She had 10 eggs, some were given to her and some she bought. We candled them and everything, learning about the stages, anything that we could learn about those chicks being sucked in to our brains. Soon eight hatched, one wasn't fertilized and the other died in the process. Those chicks were EPIC. They were so fluffy when they dried, and when we put them in the brooding box they made cute little cheeping sounds. I begged my parents to take one home, they said maybe. But then my friend raised her hand and declared she was taking all of them home. Well, after that Embryology unit, (which was about 5 weeks ago) I CONTINUED to beg my parents, and showed them my knowledge of poultry. They finally said yes, and now a chicken coop is being built!

    Finally! We finally found some chicks! But, they're grey/black. Ugh! Oh well. At least we found some!

    Fav movies: Coraline, Alice in Wonderland (T.B)
    Fav Books: Percy Jackson and
    The Olympians, The Kane Chronichles,
    The Harry Potter series,
    All Kate DiCamillo books, Island Girl,
    The Sisters Grimm
    Fav Activities: Reading, Writing, being
    on the computer 24/7,
    playing outside with friends,
    exploring facts about
    Fav singers: Hayley Williams, Selena
    Gomez, Vita Chambers, and, did I mention....
    So yes, I like Justin Bieber


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