Well hello there, I see you've taken interest in my page. Well I have 10 ducks in total in my little flock. Their all very special to me there's Kenneth; Mow, Hellen 'nd Brownies new rouen boyfriend. Mrs. Mow-hawk; she was the last hatchling of the season and she looks exactly like a SiIlver Appleyard duck, but she's only a pekin rouen cross. Then there's Helen; the first duckling ever hatched here into our happy family, she still loves to sit in your lap and kiss you. They will be joining Tobi; my most protective pekin. Chunky-Monkey;my other pekin eating out the front window as I type this. Dasiy; my prettiest pekin gal. Fat-Head; my pekin drake who is being a good boy now. Brownie; who's all better after her bumble foot ordeal! WOOP WOOP :D and just recently Kelso; a 6 month old Fawn and White Indian Runner drake and Cali; a Black Indian Runner who's Kelso's true love! I sold all of the other ducks at an auction sale in September and got $12 for each duck! That's my lovely and growing flock! I'm also thinking of getting 2 more girl friends for Kelso.