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By xpButtercup · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. xpButtercup
    We got our first group of laying hens (freebies) in summer '05.
    The next spring ('06) we ordered and raised our first day-old chicks.
    "Fluffy" was a mystery bantam ... and still is!

    In the summer of '07 we let a broody hen hatch out two sets of eggs, some homegrown mutts and some Cuckoo Marans from eggs we ordered through the mail.
    Cuckoo Maran, just hatched!

    This spring ('08), we bought more egg layers and a few pet frizzles.
    I sell eggs to my coworkers, and make a Squidoo page about our hens you can visit here.
    I still consider myself new to chickens, with lots to learn!

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