Xylia the Hero

By Crazyhen95 · Mar 24, 2015 ·
  1. Crazyhen95
    I have a rooster named Xylia. He's a mix. I've had him since he hatched. He's very sweet to people and his girls.

    One year I had a group of 7 chicks running around the yard. One day they where out playing I. The front yard when the hawk tried to attack them. Notice I said try cause Xylia went into attack mode and fought the hawk. They got a couple of hits in before they parted and had a stare down. Now at this point I came out of the house and chased off the hawk, but I'll never forget what Xylia did.

    Now Xylia is pretty much completely blind from when he's son Luna attacked him when he was busy defending himself from a duck. He still is able to keep the younger roosters in line when they get a little too rough with the girls.

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