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By xyresicchick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. xyresicchick
    Hello, my name is April. I live in Providence, RI

    I am the owner of Chicks N Sprouts, a small-scale chicken hatchery and garden vegetable nursery
    I love hatching and raising bantam chickens
    All of my chickens are 100% organic fed, including vegetables and fruits from my gardens.

    They also eat up all of the bugs, slugs, and spiders in the garden for me! yummy!

    I raise:
    Bantam Cochin (Pekins)-- mixed colors. lemon blue smooth & frizzle. white smooth & frizzle.
    Bantam Ameraucanas -- lavender, white, birchen, brown red, blue wheaten
    Bearded Silkies -- 4 buff, 3 partridge, 2 black, 8 white

    Bantam Marans -- Cuckoo roo w/ cuckoo, black, and black copper hens (legs not feathered).

    MY chicken WISH LIST:

    1. Bantam Cochins mille fleur cockerel under 3 months old
    2. white frizzle pullets or laying hens!
    3. Bantam golden cuckoo Marans

    I sell extra bantam roosters, pairs of young bantam chickens, bantam chicks, and fertile eggs.

    my website is www.chicksnsprouts.com
    If you are local, and are interested in hatching chicks but do not have an incubator, I can hatch them for you for small fee. PM me for more details.

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