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By xzday · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Here is the story of my flock. From 17 chickens, now down to 13.
    I bought ten baby chicks from Rual King. They lived in a small cage in my garage under a heat lamp. Later, I decided that since they were getting bigger, I should move them. So I moved them to a building with a fence. I thought that maybe they wouldn't find out they could fly over the fence.
    Well... they did. And my rhode island red hen jumped into the dog cage... her name was Peeper IV. This same day, before Peeper IV died, I bought five silky chicks and two chicks with what looks like 'afros' I'm trying to find out their breed.
    I decided that since they were going to jump out anyway, I'd let them be free range chickens. This worked well until Not-Favorite the chicken was also murdered by the dog, via jumping into his cage. The dog had burried her, so for a few short moments, she was 'missing'.
    She was burried next to her sister, Peeper IV.
    Then, everything was swell for a long time. They would go back into their building at night, and I would shut the door. In the early morning, I'd open it and they'd go out to play...
    But then... Favorite, my other white chicken disapeared. Pot Pie, one of my roosters disapeared as well.... There was no sign of Favorite... not even feathers, but heaps of Pot Pie's feathers. Looking further in the woods, we discovered his leg, and even further, more feathers, along with his head, and two wings. Whatever it was was very hungry... because mostly all of the meat was gone.
    Favorite is still not located
    Leaving behind the survivers, Derp (Rhode Island Red Rooster), Dog, Cat (black hens), The Rooster who looks like Pot Pie that we usually call cuss words, DesertBird and SeaBird (The cream hens). None of the afro chickens are named yet, and only two of the silkies are named. Shrimper and Moby Dick...
    We're all shocked.

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