The Little Red Barn-ator

Construction began about 3 weeks ago as a family project:

Since this was our first incubator we tried to do it as cheaply as possible. We figured it would be a learning process and we didn't want to spend a lot of money on our first try. First we built a 48"hX28"wX33d box out of 3/4" OSB. We then painted it with heavy duty kitchen and bath paint to seal it so the moisture wouldn't cause it to warp. It is blue because that happened to be what we had lying around.

We installed a false wall in the back 3" off of the actual wall and drilled 2 1/2" holes across the front of the shelf for air circulation.

We made a door out of OSB, cut two 8X10 holes, and used plexiglass for windows. The entire outside was painted barn red. The door and windows were trimmed with oak that is supposed to be painted white. We just haven't made it that far yet!

Egg turning trays were made out of old metal bed rails welded together. They were then welded to 3/4" solid stock which was run through 4 bold flange bearings mounted on the outside of the box. The top shelf support was left long to hand turn the shelves and to mount a motor in the future.