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By YborChix · Jan 9, 2015 · ·
  1. YborChix

    I set out to build a coop using as many re-purposed materials as possible. Almost all of the structural pieces came from pallets that me and my Chihuahua "Dingo" found by scrounging behind stores. The materials that were purchased were pretty low cost. Total spend was somewhere between $150-$200. The ventilation windows on front and the doors on the right side that access the nest boxes all came from Habitat For Humanity at $5.00 each. The interior is composed of all sorts of odds and ends and the siding was left over from the home remodel. As for "design"...it just sort of materialized as parts came together that fit but I will show major features further down on this page.

    When it was almost complete, my boyfriend and I went to the feed store to look for chicks. I told the woman at the store that the coop was almost done, so we were ready to take some babies home. She said that was terrific and went on to explain that some people are so loony that they build coops to look like mini-versions of their homes. We both busted out laughing! This is our home.


    This was my construction crew looking out of what became the nest box doors . From left to right, Lola (who became "Chief" when she crowed), Pumpkin, Cleo and Sassy.


    more coming....

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  1. Nardo
    "Good start"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Jul 16, 2018
    Looks just like your house. LOL. Needs more pics and 'how to' plans.


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  1. lonniedeohio
    Wow you're putting my re-purposed home to shame, I better pick up my game.
  2. paintedChix
    WOW! All from re-purposed build? That is awesome and I totally get having it match the house...
  3. HighStreetCoop
    Beautiful coop (and great house, I'm a huge Arts & Crafts fan; live in a 1916 bungallow myself).
    1. AbsterliniChicken4
      I live in a 1910 house and there is an 1880 house down the road from me. :)
  4. Acornewell
    Very cute! I love the colors and how it matches your human house!
  5. chickenneighbor
    Nice! Love your colors!
  6. Brookliner
    Great start.

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