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By YeargsChicks · May 20, 2013 · ·
  1. YeargsChicks
    We finally finished our cute little coop. It will be home for our 1 EE Rooster "Chiefaroo", 2 EE Hens (Pullets) "Ms. Priss" and "LuLu", 1 Blk. Cochin Bantam Rooster "Whodat"and 1 Blk. Cochin Bantam Hen "Fancy Feet" Right now a EE Rooster "Scratch" and a Blk. Cochin Bantam "Tinyroo". But it's time for them to be rehomed.

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  1. MiaHudy
    It great!, I love the cabana top on the run! Its super cute and functional too.
  2. YeargsChicks
    Thank you. Fortunately my son works at a building supply company and we purchased wood he couldn't sell real cheap. The screen door was about $22.00 at Home Depot but we removed the screening it came with and replaced it with the wire we used for the entire coop. The wire was $80.00. We already had the tin on top and the tarp came fron an old tent we had. We just cut it to fit but I am sure we will replace it with tin in a year or two. I tinke we spent about $200.00 in all.
  3. lavender pekins
  4. lavender pekins
    its so cute how much dsid it cost to build?????

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