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By ylwisdom08 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. ylwisdom08
    I am very grateful for the treatments that saved my life. This passion has lead me on a road of education to learn about aromatherapy and essential oils. I have spent my life dealing with a very serious autoimmune disease that almost took my life when I was 21. After going through Chemotherapy treatments at that time for over 1 year, I was stable again. However, I have found since that time, there are many things that we can be doing to keep our bodies healthy and to lessen or avoid some of the severe side effects that come with certain types of treatment. It is through education and then action that you see the changes occur and your health, life and success. There is no limit to our success except what we put in our own way. Always be thankful for everyday of life you have!

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