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By yoker · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. yoker
    This is a chicken tractor I built for my broilers.
    I wanted a pen that I could easily move and that would hold my 60 broilers that were growing up fast.
    I had looked at a bunch of different pens that people had made.
    This pen holds 60 broilers and is 12'x8' and must be moved everyday.

    List of supplies and prices (canadian):
    everything was bought at Home Depot except the tarp clips they were bought from lee valley.
    1-4'x8' plywood-$13.97
    2-2"x4"x8' spruce-$5.18
    3-2"x4"x12' spruce-$10.47
    1-12'x15' Cotten Drop cloth-$38.97
    1-hook for the door-$1.49
    1-50' Pex pipe 3/4"-$28.98
    1-50' 2"x4" fencing-$67.87
    1-100 solid copper 3/4" clips-$21.89
    2-17 wood/metal screws-$4.98
    1-100 6x1 wood/metal screws-unknown
    1-100 8x3 construction screws-$4.69
    1-bag fencing staples -unknown
    20-tarp clips-$9.90
    Odds and ends screws, wood and haywire that we already had.
    you will have some extra supplies.
    Total: $222.33 without GST and unknown stuff

    This is some of the supplies:
    The drop cloth and pex pipe: I chose the drop cloth over a tarp because it won't scare the chickens as bad and it will last longer and looks nicer.
    The fence and 2"x4"s:
    fence staples:
    First we screwed the 2"x4"'s together:
    We made a little indent in the ends of the 12 footers just big enough to fit in the reinforcers:
    This is the corner with the pex pipe going up and the fence stapled on, later we screwed the reinforcer on:
    Here is the fence streched over the pex pipe the 2"x4" is just there while we are building:
    The fence and pipe are 12 1/2' long, so the pen is 4' high at the tallest part.
    We used 3 pieces of fence across the pen and 4 pipes.
    Here the cloth is over top the fencing. a 8' piece of fencing is on the end:
    another angle:
    We used hay wire to attach the pex pipe and fencing together you might be able to use cable ties to:
    Here is the other end with the door:
    The dark wood across the top is a handle for moving it.
    Close up on the door:
    Open door:
    From the inside:
    brace in the middle 2"x4"x12' cut in to a 4' and 8' piece, stapled to the top and screwed to the sides:
    Finished view:
    Another view:
    Side view:
    So far I really like it and wouldn't change anything except making the plywood end lighter.
    I would like to build a little plat form with wheels to move it but I haven't yet, If I do I will post a picture.

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  1. 21hens-incharge
    "Well done."
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jun 29, 2018
    Cattle panels may have been more rigid but would have added weight. Nice work on keeping it light and mobile.
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  1. TwinsLoveChicks
    Nice coop! I like how the inside is shaded, but still lit by the sun!

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