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By dragon · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. dragon
    The Red Shoulder Yokohamas................and also the White.................
    . th_hens020.gif th_longtail016.gif th_longtail003.gif th_chillingwithmypeeps015.gif
    This Is a very interesting breed, I fell in love when I seen a book, "Extraordinary chickens" .
    You will find all kinds of problems here. Weak, leathel genetics, poor international agreeable breed standards, and my advice to you is just read all you can find *Brian Reeder. This is the man. He has a ton of info. for you. see....... (Long tail fowl and long crowers of the world). Must see Mark Kings page ~ must see

    You can always, for any breed- find info at !
    Now here is a good example.

    *yes the birds above are mine*
    I threw this in for your benefit.

    The yokohama gets it name from a port in Japan. It decends from the breed of chicken "minohiki" There is no such color as this though, with the spangles in the japeneas breeds.
    Germany, I believe is where the breed was worked upon..........
    My hens did go broody. They did raise the chicks well. I'm waiting for this spring !
    What I really like about this breed is the fact that they dont have large wattles/combs that would freeze in our MN winters. I have had no issues with my birds in this winter cold.

    MY yokos are all friendly for the most part. Not flighty.
    In the summer I get just enough eggs.....well sometime i have too many....there is only my husband and I here.....nice med. light brown eggs.

    LOOK at those tail feathers ! ! !
    I just love them! They will get dirty though. *remember b4 show time comes around!*
    ஜ This is a wonderful breed. I ask you too join in and help preserve/make this a better breed. The rewards are all there........ஐ How could you resist ??

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  1. savannahchickmom
    Hello! I am having a terrible time finding much information on this breed. We have chosen the Yokohama as one of the 2 endangered breeds we are going to focus on preserving. Is part of the "weakness" maybe a lack of genetic variety? I am looking for breeding info and anything I can get my hands on. I have already read the 2 articles you cited above, as well as a few others. Just not much available on this breed. Do you sell eggs from your Yokos? I would be very interested in getting some eggs from you at some point! Thank you for your information & I look forward to talking to you again. Have a good day!

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