I remember the excitment of the arrival of our small flock...those tiny little fragile-looking chicks. The Speckled Sussex came first, brown fuzzy little chirpers. The Deleware followed, similarly tiny but yellow, just like the Easter chicks I had seen all my life but never considered beyond their state as Easter Chicks. I build my coop all by is not perfect, but close to what I envisioned...and I love it. I really love it adorned with flowers and plants (which I am just getting on to adding) and filled or surrounded with our now adult chickens. This morning I had a great brunch of chicken enchiladas (none of mine) and lightly fried eggs (all ours) and it was delightful. I love watching them forage around the yard and in the woods. They are a beautiful and stately crew...I never thought I would say that about a chicken.
The Whole Gang:

Now, because I have been so vocally adoring of my own chickens I suppose, a local teacher brought me three previously unidentified chicks to "rescue". An apparent thoughtless trip to TSC brought this about, and at first I was stressed out about it. After posting in the forums I have established the breeds of two or maybe three of them. A Cornish Cross (not elated about that), a Black Silkie (which is very cool as long as it can assimilate with my flock, but if not should be easier to find a home) and a possible Marans...type to be determined if it is a Marans for sure. If they are hens I can deal with them, and if not, I will figure it out somehow. I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the time when gender verification is more reliable...from my forum friends at BYC . For now, I am building a new tractor so they can get out there with the flock and get aqcuainted.
The Black Chick...Possibly Marans with Feathered lateral leg

The Black Silkie Chick The New Chicks