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Yorkshire coops polish chickens

  1. Yorkshire Coop
    This is Poppet my lovely polish cockerel. He's such a sweet thing so friendly and loves having cuddles and being a lap cockerel. Literally goes to sleep on you. I hatched him myself and have watched him grow into such a funny creature. With him being frizzle and having a large crest his vision is not so good so listens to me very carefully and even knows his name.

    I have 21 polish at the minute at various ages and love them all such an endearing breed that do well confined as they can't see to well so you can really build a bond with them. Sometimes over taming them. The bunch I hatched are so tame that when your coop cleaning etc they are on you like Hawks. Stood on feet as you walk and sit on shoulders like a pirate parrot.
    I have done my last hatch for this year and have acctually put the incubator away properly this time in the loft. I feel quite sad about but can't wait fo next spring to get it out again. Here is one my latest frizzle polish.

    One last pic this is poppet having a sleep under the brolly just incase of rain!!

    All my polish are what I have hatched my self in my super Brinsea octagon 20 advance EX. I have various colours both smooth and frizzle. I have smooth and frizzle gold lace. A lovely silver lace frizzle cockerel. A white crested black cockerel a smooth gold lace cockerel. Poppet who is blue with some gold in. Also white crested black pullets a couple of chamois pullets.


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  1. Lilorp14
    those two hens in the last pic look like there the ladys of the coop.
  2. ChickyChickens
    Nice chickens!!
  3. lightchick
    Such pretty birds!
  4. aljeffers
    Gorgeous birds.
  5. wermnmnmnm
    Oh my goodness, I want your whole flock... tooo cute!
  6. cutechick53
    Nice coop and cute flock! :)
  7. chooks4life
    I'm not really a fan of the Polish breed, but it's undeniable that yours have awesome 'hairdos'. :)
  8. RezChamp
    Congrats for being chosen for the featured picture of the week.
  9. RezChamp
    Nice. Polish chickens are so exotic looking aren't they. Kinda comical too though.
    I had a few a cpl years ago. I especially like the Buff Laced & the Blue but all the rest of them are awesome too.
  10. gloryblue
    Poppet is outrageously cute..he looks like he has a lot of personality reminds me of a cartoon character or like he'd be great on Sesame street! I too would love giving Poppet a cuddle. Thanks for sharing such a cute picture

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