Tyler and Stephani's Chicken Page!

Our little chicken home! Built by my handy Tyer and his cousin.

Our ladies- Mama Chicken (Americauna) and Blanca (Leghorn). The furthest right is one of our "mutt" chickens.

Mr. Chicken our White Silkie Rooster! He is our only "known" male, a few of the chicks may be roosters, but they're too young to tell.

Our Partridge Banty Cochin and Lady, a little banty. The partidge is laying such cute little eggs!
Here is a lay out of our flock:
  • 1 Americauna Hen
  • 1 White Leghorn Hen
  • 7 "Mutt" Chickens
  • 2 Banty Hens
  • 1 White Silkie Rooster
  • 7 Rhode Island Red Chicks
  • 2 Black Sex-link Pullets
  • 2 Black Silkie Chicks
  • 1 Partridge Cochin Silkie Mix

This is the last groups of chicks we raised. They are about 6-8 weeks old.
They black head sticking up is a silkie and the one in the front corner, there are 2 Black Stars, and 7 Rhode Island Reds
They just got moved to the coop because we got new baby chicks for the brooder box! See the other page for them!

We also have 2 dogs, a Labradoodle and a great Dane!

...and 2 Turtles, 9 Goldfish, 2 frogs, and 2 Ferrets!