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By youngchooklover · Sep 22, 2015 · Updated Sep 22, 2015 ·
  1. youngchooklover
    Hey! I thought I would share a little bit about my flock and some pics of them. [​IMG]
    Feel free to ask questions.

    Here we have Samuel my Leghorn cross Light Sussex rooster. Although he looks mean he's just one big baby. ^-^

    Here's Samuel doing his little dance to me.

    Here's my flock at feeding time with Samuel on watch.

    Here we have poor Samuel's mother Elizabeth who's a Leghorn who suffers from bumble foot. We have tried to take out the bubble foot but it never works.
    She should be put down but I don't just have the heart.

    Here we have Samus (top) and Maple (bottom). Both Silkie Bantams wanting to go broody. Not sure yet if I will let them. [​IMG]

    This is little Mary who's a Leghorn Bantam cross, with her 4 little chicks. She hatched 3 chicks but 2 died by being crushed by her own eggs.
    At the same time our incubator hatched 3 chicks who were sadly crossed so we gave them to her. 2 times I have caught a group of crows trying to eat the chicks so she is bound to the coop for now.

    Poor Sarah having to wait her turn for the nest. [​IMG]

    [​IMG]This is little Max my Silkie Bantam breeding rooster. Love him to bits. [​IMG]

    Here's 2 of my Powerful 4 (It's the name of the little group). Both roosters and also sons of Samuel.

    To end, here's Emily laying in my cage for chicks. -_-

    Hope you enjoyed and maybe learned something!

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  1. chicken4prez
    Wow. Amazing flock! Sorry about Sarah;(
  2. NickyKnack
    Gorgeous birds! So sorry about Elizabeth *hugs*
  3. youngchooklover
  4. MadamPoofyBrow
    They're all so cute! I love the Silkies, of course XD
    Samuel is soooo handsome! Sorry about Elizabeth :-(
  5. youngchooklover
    Yes all the time.
  6. 12 gauge
    and have you tried epsom salt for elizabeths feet?
  7. 12 gauge
    cool flock sorry about elizabeth
  8. youngchooklover
    XD Didn't think about that.
  9. Mountain Peeps
    Love the pics! And you even have a hen named Sarah!!
  10. youngchooklover
  11. Chickenchick11
    Awww, I love your flock! Max and Samuel are very handsome! I'm sorry about Elizabeth. *Hugs*
  12. Americano Blue
    Aww! Emily is cute!
    Sorry about Elizabeth.
  13. TheLukeMeister
    Thats awesome! I'm so sorry about Elizabeth :( *hugs*

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